Eric Dionne


Eric has been the Director of the Turtle Mountain Diabetes Prevention Program (TMDPP) since Jan. 2019. He was previously the Byron Dorgan Youth Wellness Manager for 3 years and before that the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Human Resource Director for 5 years previous to that. Eric has also worked for the TMDPP for a period of 12 years as a Diabetes Technician from 1999-2011. He has a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Business Management from the University of Mary, Bismarck. He has a passion for working with Diabetes and is very excited to be back to help reduce this disease that runs rampant on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.

Shana LaFountain

Wellness Coordinator

Shana is one of our most popular team members, well respected by our staff and community members alike. Shana is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle — attitudes we value greatly at Turtle Mountain Diabetes Prevention Program.

Patty Longie

Diabetes Technician

Jessica Lenoir

Data Entry Clerk/Diabetes Technician


Eric Trottier

Lead Trainer

Patrick Marcellais

Wellness Coach

Raphael DeCoteau