Mindful shopping, mindful living

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Avoid temptations

Last but not least, avoid temptations. The Tinder date was a success, you're in love, you're committed to a serious and long-time relationship now. You're not going to go back on Tinder to check for hot new dates, right? Then it's the same for shopping.

Delete the apps. Unfollow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, EVERYWHERE. Unsubscribe from their newsletters. Unmark their website. Do not watch "Shopping Hauls" On YouTube. Whatever you need so that your brain is not tricked into thinking you need to buy that new trendy piece.

I also tend to avoid malls/shopping centers aka the temples of consumerism — too much risk of impulse buying.

A quick note on Black Fridays and sales: yes, they're good for discounts, but they're also great at making you buy tons of stuff you don't really need.

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