All About Us

     The Turtle Mountain Diabetes Program (TMDPP) was establish on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in 1999. The TMDPP is funded by the Department of Interior, Health and Human Services and Indian Health Service (IHS). 

     At first, the TMDPP targeted youth obesity. The program worked hand-in-hand with the Turtle Mountain Community School, Ojibwa Indian Day School, St. Ann's Catholic School, Dunseith Public School, and the Dunseith Indian Day School to screen our area youth grades K-8. Theses screenings helped us locate youth that were at high risk of contracting diabetes. 

     Over the years, the TMDPP transformed more to public diabetes education, providing nutritional education and phyical fitness education to the community. Hosting events, such as cooking classed, community walk/run, and community screenings. Educating our local communioty members on Diabetes Nutrition and Physical Activity. 

     During these COVID-19 times TMDPP had to modify our our education strategies to a virtual-based program. We currently offer physical activity on our FaceBook Page, TM -sdpi Diabetes-Program. We also have transitioned out monthly walk/runs into a virformat, where clients track their own miles and send their miles to us on app version (MapMyWalk). We arealso in the process of producing virtual nutritional/cooking classes. We hope to get back to community screenings soon, so we could start referring clients to IHS, who are at risk of contracting diabetes. 


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